Study Abroad in Paris, France




Eiffel Tower

Experience the creative and intellectual traditions that have made Paris a destination for writers, artists, and philosophers since medieval times.

The Sarah Lawrence College Study Abroad in Paris program enables students to craft a personalized and intellectually stimulating course of study while exploring the rich cultural atmosphere that is unique to the City of Light.


The Sarah Lawrence College Study Abroad in Paris program is open to juniors and seniors enrolled at any accredited American college or university. Applicants must have at least the equivalent of a "B" average and must have studied at least two years of college-level French.

Some of the study abroad Intensive Programs require pre-approval and initial guidance prior to applying. For more information, view the Applications section below.

Contact the Office of International Programs for additional information.

Applications & Deadlines

Some of the study abroad Intensive Programs require pre-approval and initial guidance prior to applying. To secure approval, contact the following faculty:

  • Intensive Programs in Social Sciences, Visual Arts, and Video & Graphic Design: Paris Program Director Monique Middleton
  • Intensive Program in Dance: Dance Program Director Susan Hamlin
  • Intensive Program in Music: Music Program Director Chester Biscardi
  • Intensive Program in Theatre: Associate Dean Prema Samuel

All applicants will be required to complete a written and verbal language assessment as part of the application process. Completed applications, including essay, language recommendation, letters of recommendation, study abroad approval form, unofficial transcripts (guest students only), and application fee (guest students only) are due:

  • February 1 (for fall/academic year applicants)
  • October 15 (for spring applicants)

Tuition & Fees

Listed below is an estimate of costs to help you plan for the semester ahead. Sarah Lawrence tuition, per semester, will be $26,300.

Item Cost
One-Time Expenses
Books $111
Fiscal stamp for carte de séjour $86

Study abroad medical insurance (estimated)*

$292 (fall)

$350 (spring)

Housing Expenses
Student Dorm (Cité)
Yearlong students only
$4,500 (per semester)

Homestay—French Cultural Studies Program (breakfast and 3 shared meals with family)

$3,690 (fall)

Homestay—Advanced Seminar Studies Program (depending on number of shared meals)

$2,925 - $4,196 (fall)
Monthly Expenses (estimate)
Meals (if preparing own meals)
Breakfast $67
Lunch $167
Dinner $167
Meals (if eating in student cafeteria)
Breakfast n/a
Lunch $111
Dinner $111
In-city transportation
(Unlimited use on the Metro and buses)
Entertainment (estimated cost per outing)**
Movies (with student card) $8.50
Theatre (with student card) $11
Museums (with student card)*** $8.50

*Students still need to have their own coverage or coverage through the Sarah Lawrence plan to ensure they are covered before they leave the US and upon their return.

**There are many free events sponsored by the University of Paris (bicycling, theatre, choral groups, etc.). These activities are fun and also serve as an excellent way to meet native Parisians.

***The permanent collections in all museums operated by the city of Paris are free. Many national museums are also free to students. See Paris office for details.

Travel expenses before or after the term, and any trips taken during the mid-term break, are not included in this estimate.

Financial Aid

Sarah Lawrence College students who normally receive financial aid may apply their awards to any College-sponsored program abroad.

Sarah Lawrence College offers limited financial assistance to guest students on this program. Students should consult their home school's financial aid office for guidance on other financial aid resources.

Guest students wishing to be considered for a scholarship must e-mail with their request for financial assistance.


  • Monique Middleton, Director
    Monique is responsible for the overall function of the Sarah Lawrence in Paris program. She oversees the academic aspects of the program and advises students on all academic matters. She holds a degree in French literature from the Sorbonne, an MA in comparative literature from the University of Massachusetts and a PhD in French literature from Yale University.

  • Natalie Allen, Assistant to the Director
    Natalie is responsible for the administrative aspects of the program. She holds a BA in French language and Literature from Columbia University and an MA in French literature and civilization from the University of Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle.

  • Maria Kairidi, Cultural Activities Coordinator & Administrative Assistant
    Maria is responsible for the program’s cultural activities and student life in Paris. She holds a BA in Liberal Arts from Sarah Lawrence College and is a former student of the Sarah Lawrence College in Paris program.

Academic Calendars

Fall 2017
Thursday, August 24 General Meeting begins at 10 a.m. in Reid Hall.
Attendance is mandatory.
Thursday, August 24 - Sunday, September 10

First semester orientation

Excursions to provinces (Sunday, August 27 - Sunday, September 3):
Cultural Studies Program—Tours
Advanced Program—Arles

Monday, September 11

First day of classes

Sunday, October 22 - Sunday, November 5 Fall Break*
Saturday, December 16 End of first semester at Sarah Lawrence**
Sunday, December 17 - Sunday, January 14 Holiday Break*
Spring 2018

For second semester-only students:

Thursday, January 4 General Meeting begins at 10 a.m. in Reid Hall.
Attendance is mandatory.
Thursday, January 4 - Sunday, January 15 Second semester orientation
For all students (year-long and second semester):
Monday, January 15 First day of classes
Wednesday, February 21 - Sunday, March 4 Winter Break*
Sunday, April 15 - Sunday, April 22 Spring Break*
Saturday, May 5 End of second semester at Sarah Lawrence**

*Students interested in classes at French universities and other academic institutions should be aware that their calendars vary from the Sarah Lawrence program calendar. Students should verify specific dates before purchasing vacation or return tickets. Classes in dance and studio arts follow the Sarah Lawrence calendar.

**Please note that classes at some theatre and music schools may continue through January or the third week of June. Classes and exams at some French universities and other academic institutions may continue through mid to late May.

French Institutions Academic Calendar

Students interested in courses or intensive programs at the following institutions should take note of these institutions' respective calendars, as they differ from the Sarah Lawrence calendar. Specific dates vary from year to year.


First Semester

Second Semester

Sarah Lawrence in Paris

Late August - Late December

Early January - Mid-May

Paris IV

Late September - Mid-January

Early February - Late May

Paris VII

Early September - Late December

Mid-January - Late May

Institut Catholique

Late September - Late January

Late January - Late May

Institut d'Etudes Politiques

Early September - Late December

Late January - Late May

Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales

Varies depending on courses

Varies depending on courses

EICAR Film School

Early October - Late December

Early January - Late May

MJM Graphic Design

Year-Long or First Trimester-Only Program
First Trimester: Late September - Mid-December

Second Trimester: Early January - Mid-March
Third Trimester: Mid-March - Late July


Year-Long or First Semester-Only Program
Early October - Mid-January

Mid-January - Mid/Late June

Ecole Normale de Musique

Year-Long Program Only
Early October - Mid/Late June

Ecole Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq

Year-Long Program Only
Early October - Late June