Mayapple & Sarah Lawrence Summer Intensive




Mayapple & Sarah Lawrence Summer Intensive

Sarah Lawrence College has embarked on an innovative partnership with the Mayapple Center for the Arts and Humanities to offer summer programs that address contemporary issues within global society. Future programs are currently under development. Please fill out the form on the page to be notified when new programs are announced.

Program Overview

The partnership between Sarah Lawrence and Mayapple is synergistic, as both institutions’ missions have strong affinities. Sarah Lawrence encourages students to take creative and intellectual risks, and to cross disciplinary boundaries, and Mayapple’s mission is to cultivate artistic and intellectual imagination through cross-pollination in a 21st century climate. Both are dedicated to responding to critical contemporary socio-political issues through the arts and humanities. The goal for participants in this 10-day residential program is to have transformative experiences in a collaborative environment, where their art and scholarship can be nurtured in a sanctuary-like setting.

This program is designed to respond to the challenges of the 21st century through innovative and multidisciplinary approaches; students work together on collaborative projects that cross disciplinary boundaries. The approach involves cross-pollination across the arts and humanities and interactions between the visual arts, creative writing, music, film, theatre, and cultural studies. Seminars will draw on cultural and intellectual history to inspire contemporary thought with an interdisciplinary emphasis. Throughout, values such as sustainability and mindfulness are promoted by offering daily yoga classes and local and organic dining options.

Who Should Apply

Adults over the age of 21 with varying skill levels are encouraged to apply. We invite applicants who seek to express their intellectual and artistic creativity in a setting that promotes cultural vitality.

Previous Topics

Addressing Human Trafficking through the Arts

Program Costs

Registration fee $50
Deposit $250
Remaining tuition $1095
Housing $700
Meal plan $470